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iPad Security EZ Desktop Stand for Kiosk, POS, Store Display, Show


Now you can decorate your store by transferring the iPad into a compact Kiosk System with fully touchscreen functions! You can also use it as a Tablet POS(Point Of Sale) stand.


The iPad is NOT included!

Compatible with Apple iPad 8", 9.7", 10.2", 10.5" tablets

Dimension : 230mm (Height) x 100mm (Depth) x 290mm (Width)

Weight : 1.13 lb, 2.60 lb w tablet

Material : Acrylic 8mm thickness

Color : Black, Clear

Display Mode: Landscape (No Portrait)

View Angle : 27 degree

Easy Access to all control buttons and I/O ports

Use iOS Guided Access Mode to disable HOME button

Swivel base design, or you can fix it on counter top by bundles double side tape or screws